Dates: Weekly @ 7.30

Total Duration: 48h

Fridays, 08:00am - 12:00pm

A WA Film-Maker - Writer and Director

Karla has placed herself at the pointed end of the film business as a creative delivering new concepts, new talent and new communities to the Australian and International screen.

Her work is focused on uncovering our own true Australian stories, personal and intimate investigations of our community and culture, made available on the small and large screen for all.

In the long run her work will take her further onto the national and international platform, on increasingly more ambitious projects, including these wonderful and thriving projects:

Family Rules

The stand-out current success story for Karla and team is the nationally broadcast project Family Rules - which has already aired its first season and is currently in post production for series 2 ready to air later this year on NITV.

On Country Kitchen

Karla is extremely proud to be both co-writer and director on the TV-production series, On Country Kitchen which screened on NITV May 2007 and is now in development for series 2 with a 10 episode return.

Nyoongar Footy Magic 

On fire, Karla worked as writer and director on production for her new project, Nyoongar Footy Magic for NITV which is produced by Beyond West and launching May 2018 at various stadiums around Australia.


Karla's company produced and Karla wrote and directed her first ABCME production called Shame whihc aired in July 2017

Karla has set up the foundations for her film work now, and truly looks forward to a big year ahead. She currently has a number of new commissions for film works and is deep in new project developments that are set to be officially announced soon, before moving into production.

Watch this space!