Dates: 09-19th August

Total Duration: 10 days

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Writer & Theatre-Maker

Karla has been at the centre of new indigenous theatre in WA for many years and has contributed to the National state-of-play with her own personal offerings also. 

Her newly written play, Tooly, was developed originally  as a part of the Sydney Festival in 2015 - a focus piece of the Yellamundie First People's Playwriting Festival.

The play has undergone a professional development process, alongside dramaturg was Alannah Valentine and been publically presented at Carriageworks in Sydney, to a listening audience, upon the development's completion.

In July, WA's premiere Australian theatre company, Yirra Yaakin, will be developing Tooly further for professional production.


Karla has also been a key member of the Macbeth development cast for the full Noongar language production project, bridging the gap between a classic of European theatre and our own great culture. The project will take flight and be  launched in the very near future.


Karla has performed in numerous live theatre productions and film projects.

Most notably is one of Perth's finest modern offerings to the face of Australian Theatre - the multiple award-winning including Best Supporting Actress for Karla is King Hit with the fierce Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company.

Written by Geoffrey Narkle & David Milroy, directed by Kyle J Morrison and featuring Clarence Ryan, Karla Hart, Maitland Schnaars and Ben D'Addario.